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Klamath Falls Shoe Store Since 1954

House Of Shoes has been offering a wide range of shoe brands to our customers in Klamath Falls, Oregon for 60+ years. With great quality and brands being offered for all ages, we have become a big and trusted name in Klamath Falls.Oregon. The House Of Shoes was started in 1954 by Jess H. House. In 1969 his son Ron House who joined him in the business. The store is a four generations store,and dedicated to customer service.. That what makes us better then the rest.

Wide Range of Shoes For Men, Women, and Kids

Our shoes are available in many sizes and for every individual. When it comes to being the best shoe store, we make sure that excellent service is our top priority. At our store you can be sure to find shoes for men, women and children. At House Of Shoes we believe that there is "no business like the shoe business". If you are looking for mens and women's shoes or kids' shoes then you can be sure that we will have exactly what you are looking for.

Talk To Our Team

Our team is always looking to help and assist you whether it is with men's, women's, or kids' shoes. With many years of experience we have managed to develop a bond and understanding towards our customers in knowing what they are looking for. Our staff is very friendly and knowledgeable we would love to hear from you to know your specific requirements. Give us a call today @ 541-882-3255 or email us your question at housefamily3879@aol.com
Thanks for your love and support of our family business since 1954 and 4 generations strong..